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Remembering Hurricane Carol

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In 1954 I was 13 and the most exciting thing to happen was Hurricane Carol. Greg and catI took pictures during the storm and after the storm, made them into sets, and sold them to neighbors. Here are the pictures and my memories along with those of family and friends. Greg Stone


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Prints for you - then and now

brownie ReflexIn 1954 these pictures launched my career in journalism, of a sort. When our neighbor, John Harvie, saw them he got a bright idea. He took my negatives to work where he had access to a darkroom. He made sets of 4x4 prints from my slightly smaller, "127," negatives. I then sold the sets, door-to-door, to our other neighbors. (The set I have has information written on the back of each image by my mother. I don't know if she did that just for ours, or for every set, but it sure helped jog my memory.)

I don't know how many of these sets I sold, but it was enough to trade in my old, $6 Kodak Brownie Reflex for a real 35mm camera. I took my profits and went to Harold's County Road Pharmacy and bought a beautiful, Kodak Pony 135. Pony 135 cameraIt had a lens where you could set the f-stops and a range of shutter speeds that went from "bulb" to a whopping 1/300th of a second. The first thing I did was throw stones into the water and take pictures of the splashes. They looked like bombs going off and I was fascinated by how I could "freeze" the action. Cost me $35, as I recall, so I figure I've profited enough from these pictures.

I therefore have uploaded higher reoslution versions of all of them to the Shutterfly web site. Go there and you can purchase - I don't make a penny off of this, but Shutterfly does - a single picture or a complete set. Study the Shutterfly web site carefully. You can, for example, select the prints you want and have them bound in a little booklet ("snapbook") along with titles and captions for each. (That's better than stuffing them into a shoebox and putting the shoebox in the cellar.) Or you can have them made into a 12 or 18 month calendar, etc. Or you can just buy a single picture enlarged to the size you want - though pay attention to the limits Shutterfly puts on quality enlargements.

collection of photos I chose Shutterfly because I've had good results with them so far - the prints are really photo quality. But do keep in mind, these were scanned in from my own collection of old, curled, not-well-cared-for prints - and I took the pictures with that little Brownie Reflex with its fixed shutter speed. Some of the shots were taken at the height of the storm and I obviously shook a bit, as the pictures are blurry. What you see is what you get - I take no responsibility for anything, and certainly not for what Shuttefly does or doesn't do. You're on your own.

What I would appreciate is that if you do order some prints and you like what you get, drop me a note and let me know. Just email me at

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