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Remembering Hurricane Carol

Your view?
Did you witness Hurricane Carol in 1954? Tell me about it! And if you have a picture you're willing to share, that's all the better. I'd love to hear from you and I'll add what you have to say to our "Your Views" page. So if you have something to share, please:

Send me email, Greg Stone

This was a real nice shock - the Providence Journal called for what I assumed was a few paragraphs in a general story about Hurricane Carol. Instead it turned out to be a story devoted to this Web site and it ran on Page 1 on the 50th anniversary of the Hurricane.

They did an excellent job and the result was a real surge of hits on the Web site and many new stories from people about their own experiences. (What I like most about this was I didn't promote the Web site to them - they discovered the web site on their own and contacted me. )

You can read the Journal story here.

or if you have a problem getting to it, try here.

In 1954 I was 13 and the most exciting thing to happen was Hurricane Carol. Greg and catI took pictures during the storm and after the storm, made them into sets, and sold them to neighbors. Here are the pictures and my memories along with those of family and friends. Greg Stone


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Ladds house
A second look at the Ladds

There is still a house on Adams Point where this one once stood - and other low-lying places, too, where the hurricane destroyed dwellings. But the new houses are built to withstand the storm through various schemes. I know one that is designed with large first level doors that simply open and let the sea go through. Others are built on large pilings or on artifical hills.

These new structures look like a good idea - but they haven't been tested yet. We simply haven't had another storm of the intensity of Carol that has hit at just the wrong time - high tide. Of course, further up the Point, away from the water, there wasn't nearly as much damage. For most of the property on Adams Point the only threat was the wind.

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