November 10, 2008

Jeremy soccer game

This is Jeremy's last soccer game of 2008.

Posted by Greg Stone at 06:13 AM
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April 07, 2008

The Yellow Bag - Eliza's firstbook!

Eliza, talented and energetic as she is, has penned her first book - "The Yellow Bag: A Therapy Dog's Story." (Bren helped her. I supplied photos.) She doesn't have a publisher yet, but in the school we visit regularly several teachers and parents have already purchased copies at $40 a pop (our cost) run off on Apple Iphoto system. Bren reads it to the classes of Kindergarteners and so far it has been very well received by both adults and children.

We're not looking to sell more copies - unless we find a publisher - but we thought some of you might like to see it, so we placed it online here as a PDF file. it is a rather large download - about 15-megabytes - so be patient.

Posted by Greg Stone at 06:17 AM
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October 01, 2006

King Richard's Faire with M and K

Bren and I had a great time yesterday at King Richard's Faire with M & K. Here are some visual highlights. (Click an image for alarger version.)

The opening:

Pleasing the crowd with a little opening humor. . .

Getting into the swing of things with a swan ride . . .

Not to mention some jousting int he fall sun before the royals . . .

A quick lunch, then decision time . . . of all the choices, what to do next? Hawks, of course! Like this beautiful perrequin falcom who came around drumming up business for the coming falconry show . . .

A red tail hawk - one of the raptors we seem to see most around here - put on a good show and posed for a close-up:

The Harris Hawk, a colorful favorite, was the real show-stopper, flying through a hoop and later landing on a volunteer's outstrecthed - and gloved - hand.

As for the falcon - well, before going AWOL he put on a show swooping close over the crowd and chasing a lure. But he tired of the make-believe and cut out on his own over the neighboring cranberry bogs to find some real game. Before he did, I got this shot of one of his dives:

He did come back in an hour or so. Meanwhile we took in some more shows and the kids took their turn with the playful gargoyle.

Everyone was looking forward to the cat show, but a couple jugglers did a wonderful job leading up to it. The one I caught - twice - was also a fire-eater and very, very funny, as you can see from this reaction:

Talk about a hot time - I think I understand some of the principles at work here, but still . . .

The cats seemed particularly restless - maybe because it was the last show of the day for them. But this leopard just wanted it's tummy scratched.

And this cross between a tiger and a lion is truely HUGE.

But he seemed to have sense of humor as well - and that resulted in one of my favorite shots - just love the expressions ;-)

Posted by Greg Stone at 03:17 PM
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