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It's simple - as Bertrand Russel said: "Either man will abolish war, or war will abolish man." This is a frequently updated online journal with many links to material about war and peace - personal notes, discoveries, local events, and contributions of friends.

My friend, Dominic Gonzalvez, dishwasher and dreamer, once said: "When you meditate on waking you gain control before the day fires its weapons of mass distraction." This space will be an attempt to break away from those massive distractions and focus on matters of the spirit in our every day lives. Thought and experiences relating to meditation and other matters of the spirit.

Nature tidbits from personal experience - the beach, the river, the woods, the universe. I love the natural world - but then the more I see of it the more I understand that every thing in the world is natural. This was driven home one day as I watched seagulls in a feeding frenzy while at the same time two men in an outboard boat rushed to see if they could get in on the action! How little real difference there was between gulls, boat, and men!

Formal writing, mostly about current events and relating to peace in the broadest sense of the word. Most of these columns have been published on the editorial pages of the New Bedford Standard-Times.

Coming soon: Where to find related web sites with similar material that I find both appealing and useful.

Coming soon: OK, I'm not as organized as I like to think - so this is a guide to things I felt like putting on the Web that seemed like a good idea at the time, but I couldn't fit them into pre-existing formats or categories.

Coming soon: Who am I, what am I doing here, how to contact me.

Greg Stone Email me: Updated April 18, 2003