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Out of the political swamp -into the cool, clear, universe - way cool!

As many of you know I've escaped the fantasy world of political teeth-gnashing and leaped with both feet into the real world of astronomy. As you may not know - but might have guessed - I've created a blog called Driftway Observatory. I've still got a lot of polishing to do on it, but I have posted several items and plenty of pictures covering everything from what drives me to observe, to what I observe with and where I observe. Any or all of which may bore you to tears - this just happens to be my hobby horse. So if you're interested, here's where to sample it all. If not - hey, hope you have a wonderful day ;-)

Of hawks, concrete, and the Driftway Observing Green - the development of a visitor-friendly, outdoor extension to tiny, Driftway Observatory.


Awe, awareness, and astronomy - you may not think there's a close tie between study, observing and meditation, but I do. I'm sold on the idea and here's why.


Obsessed right out of the box - They call this thing an "Obsession" - no kidding, that's the brand name, and who am I to argue with good advertising?


Addendum to: Uh oh! My eyes aren't at the top of my head any more! Or how I had a senior moment that lasted for several months as I angished over, purchased, and waited for my telescope, only to learn . . .


Get the lead out - I'm no longer a gun-nut, but my telescope lead me into a gun shop - no pun intended.


Laser, Laser . . . Hey, this is the real nitty-gritty for those who want to know about telescope optics and how you get everything to work together.


What's newest in: "Rapt in Awe"
Of dogs, and queens and brighter things
Jump to: Messier 47 - an open cluster Why visual observing Saturn NGC 2392 - the "Eskimo" Well, even I, with my lousy hearing, can hear myself crunch-crunch-crunch to the observatory on a morning like this. It is 3 am,... Comments: 0

Rethinking and refining equipment choices
Iíve had enough experience with visitors at the observatory to now refine my equipment choices and develop a pattern for the sessions. First, I want to make sure each session at the Observatory involves some naked eye observing, some... Comments: 0

Triple, quadruple, and gang - but not in that order
Topics, this post: Pleiades Beta Monoceros Sigma Orionis 4.5-inch Orion Dob Stars tend to hang out together and observing stars that are close to one another offers some special opportunities to make comparisons. On the mornings of December 3 and... Comments: 0

What's newest in: "Dancing with light"
What's newest in: "Spirit Space"
Information, strings and eternal life
Science > About Those Fearsome Black Holes? Never Mind" href="http://www.nytimes.com/2004/07/22/science/22hawk.html?hp=&pagewanted=print&position=">The New York Times > Science > About Those Fearsome Black Holes? Never Mind The paragraph that really caught my attention in this story is this one: Work by several... Comments: 0

Of children, hearts and hope
Pina writes: "Here's something that gave my faith in humanity a boost... I hope it gives you joy, too." Me too! Watching or reading the news we get few reminders of how good the world really is - and... Comments: 1

Just be yourself
Pina wrote recently from Sweden: In a sudden lull admidst the mild chaos of being home with two sick kids, I had time to read an email from a friend and found the words below. Thought I'd share them with... Comments: 0

What's newest in: "Family"
Do you know these two?
Owings sent me this wonderful old photo with the following note: Question: Any idea who the folks are on the attached? Somebody gave Dan a framed photo of my parents wedding -- he thinks he got it from my... Comments: 0

Stuffed animals and grandmothers - the answers
click picture to see larger image Congratulations! The answers to the latest photo quiz were generally correct as far as they went - and more important, those who answered shared some interesting memories related to the photo. But none... Comments: 0

Who are these women and what are they doing here?
click picture to see larger image Hey we're snowed in and Bren hasn't had school for four days, so she's been cleaning closets and guess what she found? This wonderful newspaper picture from, I would guess, about 1959. Ok,... Comments: 0

What's newest in: "Natural High"
Blue-winged warbler
In my back yard, yesterday - maybe they're there every year., but I've never seen one before ;-)... Comments: 0

Storm Fear
Weather Underground: Westport, Massachusetts Forecast So a blizzard is on the way and every time I see such a storm approaching my thoughts drift back to what it must have been like - still is in some places - to... Comments: 0

Moon, Venus and Jupiter
(Click image for a larger version.) Now this was pretty. I snapped this about 5:45 am this morning. With the light in the east (to the left) you can sense the rising sun and how close the crescent moon,... Comments: 0

What's newest in: "Peace Passion"
We need to take a long, hard look in the mirror
We need to take a long, hard look in the mirror: 6/ 21/ 2004 The New Bedford Standard-Times gave my most recent thoughts on 9/11 and "why they hate us so" very nice play on their editorial page today. You... Comments: 0

Bad apples? Hell no - bad environment
Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Beating Specialist Baker" href="http://www.nytimes.com/2004/06/05/opinion/05KRIS.html">The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Beating Specialist Baker Here we go again - I know I'm beating a horse that should be dead and buried, the case is... Comments: 0

Honor the veteran, but . . .
Opinion > By the Light of Other Wars" href="http://www.nytimes.com/2004/05/31/opinion/31MON2.html">The New York Times > Opinion > By the Light of Other Wars This is as good a memorial Day editorial I have seen, but it still leaves me with a... Comments: 0

What's newest in: "US and the World"
What does it take? A sledgehammer to the head?
War Helps Recruit Terrorists, Hill Told (washingtonpost.com) Man, I try to stay away from the news these days, but every time I dip my toe into it, I go ballistic. What in the world will it take for Congress and... Comments: 0

How we look from the other side of the world! (In a word - ugly.)
The emperor of vulgarity - Mike Carlton - www.smh.com.au Dom sends me this wonderful link to a column in the Sydney paper that is as satisfying and complete a stream of anti-Bush invective as I have ever read. Now I'm... Comments: 0

We die, they die, Bush sleeps at night
New Papers Suggest Detainee Abuse Was Widespread (washingtonpost.com) So 15 more soldiers died and the number of wounded has climbed above 10,000 and the reports keep coming in of abuse of Iraqi prisoners and Bush says he sleeps at night?... Comments: 0

What's newest in: "Now that's funny ;-)"
American education
November 3 I'm worried about the state of education in America when 51% of the country fails a one-question, open-book, multiple-choice test after having four years to study. (Thanks Bruce!)... Comments: 0

Here's a headline for you!
The Pope is visiting Washington, DC and Senator John F. Kerry takes him out for an afternoon on the Potomac, sailing on the Heinz family yacht. They're admiring the sights when, all of a sudden, the Pope's zucchetto (hat) blows... Comments: 0

They still can smile!
A friend from Florida sent me this "post card" from the "sunshine state." After three hurricanes and a fourth threatening, it's good to see they haven't lost their sense of humor ;-) - Thanks Claire! And life mimics art in... Comments: 0

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